GeoJSON and Trinity College Camb. R.3.14

This image is taken from the Project Gutenberg edition of Whitaker’s text (made from TCC B.15.17) that includes this rendering of a drawing on the opening folio of TCC R.3.14.

To pair with yesterday’s visualization of Piers Plowman in space, I’m going to do a post today about GeoJSON.

GeoJSON is compatible with JSON-LD; both different uses of JSON are trying to link object data (or “feature” data) to other data.  In the case of GeoJSON, that is very specifically linking data with spatial components, particularly in such a way that this data can be mapped.

In order to write GeoJSON, all data has to exist with a single object, which is something we’ve covered before.  A GeoJSON object can only represent very specific types of data, though, that comes as a geometry, a feature, or a collection of features.

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