Medieval Materialism at the Zoo!

As many of you know, several groups made a coordinated effort to plan a pseudo-thread of panels on medieval materialism for the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies starting tomorrow! The Medieval Institute responded to our desires by honoring our pseudo-thread in scheduling, which means, if your little materialist heart desires it, you can attend a materialism session for EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION. throughout the conference.

Woo hoo! Way to go Medieval Institute!

And that, my friends, is exactly what I plan on doing with two exceptions–the one where I give my own paper Thursday night at 7:30 on “Revisiting Remediation”–a panel taking up the question of whether or not the DH bubble has burst and what’s next for digital medieval studies. (#s169 Barnhard 205), and of course the one on Piers Plowman on Saturday afternoon (I’m looking at you Karrie Fuller working on Dd.1.17!! Can’t wait!).


Otherwise, I will be attending (or chairing) a materialism session for every single session and live tweeting our pseudo-thread under the hashtag #medmaterialism. I encourage other medieval materialists to also hashtag the same so that we can follow the conversation about medieval materiality on Twitter!

Below I will list all the sessions on materiality that may be of interest to materially minded folks. Some knew they were part of the thread, others are just participating in the materialist zeitgeist. If I’ve missed any material-oriented session’s you’re running or on, please let me know and I’ll update the list!

Thursday 10:00 am

  • Session 24 Romance Materiality I: The (Im)materiality of the Book Schneider 1335
  • Session 34 Bodies that Matter I: Miracles, Manuscripts and Medicine Bernhard 205

Thursday 1:30 pm

  • Session 71 Romance Materiality II: Romancing the Material Schneider 1335

Thursday 3:30 pm

  • Session 121 Romance Materiality III: Materialize or Material Lies? Schneider 1335

Thursday 7:30 pm

  • Session 147 Material Engagements with the Friends of God in Post-Roman Europe Valley II LeFevre

Friday 10:00 am

  • Session 216 Quantum Medievalisms (A Roundtable) by postmedieval Bernhard 158

Friday 1:30 pm

  • Session 260 Material Agency: Prayers, Ritual, Prophecy, and Prognostication by the Early Book Society Schneider 1320
  • Session 267 Transgressive Materiality by the Material Collective Schneider 1355
  • Session268 Material Iberia I: Devotional Objects, Devoted Bodies in Christianity Schneider 1360

Friday 3:30 pm

  • Session 323 Material Iberia II:Shaping Bodies in Literature and Art across the Abrahamic Traditions Schneider 1360

Saturday 10:00 am

  • Session 352 Gender and Materiality in the Middle Ages by Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship Fetzer 2016

Saturday 1:30 pm

  • Session 408 Mysticism and Materiality by Magistra Fetzer 1060

Saturday 3:30 pm

  • Session 477 Object Iterations Schneider 1140
  • Session 478 Materiality of Music by Musicology at Kalamazoo Schneider 1145
  • Session 500 Blurring the Boundaries in Medieval Literature: Bodies, Species, Texts, and Objects Bernhard 106

Sunday 8:30 am

  • Session 521 (Im)materiality in English and Welsh Medieval Culture Fetzer 1045

Sunday 10:30 am

  • Session 548 Materiality and Magic by Societas Magica Fetzer 1045

And that’s the current list, folks! Remember to tweet your session hastags (#s548 for example) so we know what’s happening and where!


Please do collaborate!

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